frequently asked questions

What should I wear?  

We encourage people to dress comfortably.  For some, that may mean dressing up, but for most is simply means wearing casual clothes. The New Testament simply instructs us to dress modestly and decently, so we do not require anyone to dress a certain way.

What activities are there for my children?

Please see the "ministries" page to find more about:

AMP Students (7th-12th Grade)

M56 (5th-6th Grade)

Kidz Ministry (K4-4th Grade)

What is the expectation of a first time guest of Lawrence Drive?

Just come be our welcome guest!  We have guest parking reserved for you right by the main entrance. You will find greeters available to help you find everything you need.  If you need specific info, questions or directions, the welcome center workers will be glad to serve you. We won't draw attention to you or make you feel uncomfortable.  Everything you will need to follow along during the worship service will be in the worship guide to you will receive or on the screen in the worship center.

Where is the church office located and what are the normal office hours?

The office is located in the house adjacent to the parking lot of the main building.

The office is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm